Manav Saxena


It all started with a casual kid’s shoot in early 2001, back then I was in 4th grade I guess, we lived in Bangalore. An uncle came on visit to our place. Dad asked him to click some of my pictures. He took me to Cubbon Park. His camera kind of amazed me. I always wanted to be a photographer like him. His name is Ravi Shankar a photographer who lives in Guntur. From then every time he visited us it became a habit of me to go out with him for clicking pictures. As I grew up, I asked my Baba to get me a camera. I started practicing photography. It was a small Nikon DSLR camera that time and in order to learn photography, I did a course Mass Communication and TV Journalism. In order to have the basics of editing in place I did a course of Masters In 3D animation and creative arts. After that me and my friend’s group had sessions, video and photo-shoots, model shoots. All of this led to one another and all of this made camera my lifeline. A picture of me clicked by my dad that used to be on my study table, that was of the day that I took my first steps, he used to say he loves that “Tasveer”, that made me think of the name as “Tasveer By Manav”, for our studio. You’ve got moments?..We will ensure to make them special.